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Digital Civilization Conference: Technology in the Service of Humanity

Source: DCCDate: 2019-12-04

Digital Civilization Conference was officially launched on December 4th, 2019. It is a global community, bringing together young talents and experts in multiple disciplines including technology innovation, policy making, business, academia and entrepreneurship, to address critical issues and advance towards a fairer and more trustworthy digital civilization.

Digital technology is improving multiple aspects of people's lives. However, it is also introducing issues for individuals and societies, creating new imbalances and eroding overall trust. "Digital technology should not only benefit those who are digitally aware, but also for everyone else who doesn't," said Professor Bill Roscoe, Director of University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre, at the launch event.

Addressing such critical issues, the Digital Civilization Conference's key focus in 2020 is on "Trust-Based Digital Governance". Global community activities will take place year-round on a continuous basis. Its community-driven essence exists to advance technology in the service of humanity. The initial members comprise experts and scholars from Oxford University, MIT, ETH Zurich, University of Luxembourg, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre, Oxford-Hainan Blockchain Research Institute and other leading academic institutions. More joining hands are welcomed to create solutions to the most pressing challenges brought about by technology towards a more balanced future.

A Digital Civilization Manifesto is being published. The manifesto is authored by Professor Bill Roscoe, a leading Computer Scientist, who served as the Head of the Computer Science Department at Oxford University for 11 years. Additional publications are forthcoming. Selected DCC fellows from student winners among innovation competitions will further share their interpretation of digital civilization and how they shape its future.



According to Professor Bill Roscoe, digital civilization is a vision put together in conjunction with people in Hainan, China. It is about taking the world's information technology forward into a new age in which transcends the current world of the internet and the world wide web. He emphasized that encompassing them into a world where things are organized in a civilized way via distributed ledger technology like blockchain is of great priority. He envisions blockchain technology, a civilizing influence, can help to ensure the rules of society, the rules of how to use data, the rules of e-government and the rules of finance are properly and fairly applied around the world, but with particular jurisdictions, for different rules for different countries. In addition, the essence of digital civilization should be reliable data governance and data sharing under the premise of security and privacy protection.

Principles of digital civilization are shared in the manifesto. All individuals and organizations are encouraged to join the DCC global initiative, and together shape the future of digital civilizations.

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The technology of digital civilization will create a mechanism for ensuring that interactions between players: individual users, companies large and small, public service providers, researchers, regulators and government, respect the rights and privileges of those involved. Furthermore, users are assisted in making decisions about how to allow their data to be used.